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Underwater vehicle talk at Oceans 2023 in Mississippi



About Leon Adams:

Leon has been working at Southwest Electronic Energy for the last 12 years, having held management positions at global electronics companies for over 30 years.

Leon holds a BSE degree from Murray State University in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Leon Adams
(VP, Sales and Marketing
at Southwest Electronic Energy)

will present on:

Underwater Vehicle
Power Endurance

at Oceans Gulf Coast Conference
in Biloxi, MS on Sep 26th 2023
at 3:30pm to 5:00pm (CDT)

Talk Overview:

Per the Secretary of the U.S. Navy, “Endurance (how far and how fast can the AUV go, and how many sensors can be supported)” is one of the four core AUV capability characteristics for the future. Subsea innovation in untethered subsea oil and gas infrastructure Inspection, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Repair (IMMR) equipment have very similar endurance requirements.

When discussing untethered vehicles or equipment, endurance subsea often relates to the amount of available battery power and how it is utilized. Thus subsea endurance is impacted not only by battery technology choice, but also by operating temperature, discharge rates, and the combination of these within subsea use cases.

During the talk, Leon will be presenting:

  • An overview of different battery technology applicable in subsea vehicles and equipment
  • Test results showing the impact of a range of discharge rates and temperatures on 1Atm and pressure tolerant lithium-ion battery modules

Following the talk, Leon can make himself available for one-to-one consultations. If this is of interest, please complete the form with details of your question or project.

Alternatively, if you cannot make the event, you can still contact Leon and the team through the form.